‘You honor London by honoring yourself’: IMPACT Week speakers promote student safety

Content Warning: This article contains references to drug use and sexual assault.

Whitman’s father Mark Hausmann and Assistant District Attorney Debbie Feinstein spoke to students at a third-term meeting Thursday about the consequences of drug use and the signs of dating abuse.

The gathering was part of Whitman’s second annual “Impact Week,” an initiative sponsored by the school and the SGA that aims to educate students about the consequences of risky behavior and provide resources to help them navigate adulthood safely.

During the meeting, Mark spoke of his struggle to forgive himself after his son, sophomore Landen Hausmann, had a fatal overdose of fentanyl in January 2022. Mark described in detail the circumstances of his son’s death, up until the moment he and his family found Landen. on the bathroom floor.

“He understood the choice he was making and is still making that choice,” Mark said.

He also warned the students about the dangers of drug dealers, such as the 24-year-old who “gets along.”[ed]Landin buys fake Percocet pills laced with fentanyl. Court records reveal a series of text messages between Landin and the dealer, who is now facing federal charges for distribution fentanyl resulting in Landen’s death.

He said the best way for students to honor Landen’s legacy is to make smart choices and remember their loved ones.

“You’re honoring Landon by honoring yourself,” Mark said. “Think about the people who care about you and let that guide you to make a smarter decision.”

Debbie Feinstein, who leads the Special Victims Division of the Montgomery County State Attorney’s Office, then Discuss healthy relationship and consent practices and prevent teen dating violence. She urged the students to practice “affirmative consent,” which extends beyond the understanding that “no means no,” according to Feinstein.

She said Caroline Higgins Jr. appreciated the rudeness of the speakers during the meeting.

“I thought Mr. Houseman’s honesty was very valuable,” said Higgins. “His courage in sharing such a raw and emotional story of the school and a room full of people who know Landon was admirable.”

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