Watch: The avatar of a famous Israeli reporter presents the news for the first time in history

Israel Foreign Minister Eli Cohen He engaged in an unorthodox interview Thursday when he had a conversation with the avatar of respected Israeli journalist Amit Segal.

This innovation was introduced by act news, a forward-thinking technology startup focused on integrating artificial intelligence into global news outlets. This first interview of its kind was organized to commemorate the opening of the Paraguayan Embassy in Jerusalem. Notably, the dialogue, which began in Hebrew, was seamlessly translated into Spanish and edited to emulate Segal’s distinctive speech patterns, providing the audience with an interesting blend of familiarity and innovation.

Can you give information about ACT NEWS and their objective?

The brains behind this progressive news platform are former journalist and broadcaster Miri Michaeli and international strategic advisor Moshe Klugaft. Their joint venture, ACT NEWS, recently secured an investment, bringing its value to $7.5 million. With its aspirations to launch a second round of funding, the Foundation is on a path that underscores a commitment to revolutionizing journalism through artificial intelligence.

As the digital age advances, the potential impact of such developments on news delivery will be profound. ACT NEWS stands at the fore, depicting a landscape in which digital avatars not only reflect but amplify the skills of human journalists. By leveraging these AI-powered entities, they expect reporters to be able to focus more on in-depth investigations and rich storytelling.

Miri Michaeli and Moses Klugaft. (Credit: Liran Moore)

In a joint statement with Jerusalem Post“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” ACT NEWS stressed, indicating their ambitious plans to remake the world. The future of journalism. The company is poised to expand globally, aggressively looking for talent to transform into avatars and collaborating with world-class presenters.

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