The new AI-powered image generator appears to have detected the text

A new AI image generator, Ideogram, seems to have figured out how to create text in images that isn’t abstract nonsense.

Ideogram is a newly launched AI-powered image generator in the same way From-E 2 And Adobe Firefly. However, unlike other competitors in the market, such as mid-flightseems to have discovered the text.

Text in AI images can be difficult to display. The specifics of how the text is formed has not been properly ironed out by some of the big players in the field.

Adobe has a text-to-printing department Firefly AIBut it uses your words as a base and then creates an image within the bounds of the text. When we tried text in DALL-E 2 for example, we saw a lot of abstract images that could be text.

However, Ideogram’s AI can produce clear, readable text when specified. In fact, a large part of her community’s output is typography or logos. Of course, Ideogram works similarly to other generators.

These generators have no concept of context and need very specific instructions for the data source and image production. There is also no way to find out where Image data was obtained from.

Ideogram AI is not perfect but it is better than the rest

While Ideogram’s AI can come close in some cases and produce perfect results, the AI ​​is not perfect yet. Multiple attempts lead us to see images with critical errors or similar nonsense that we’ve found in competitors. However, he is incredibly close to the winning hook.

Although Ideogram is great for short statements, it struggles with larger statements. We enter “a woman, with angelic wings, behind her a light, holding a leaflet that reads:”eSports players Using usernames is annoying. This produced four nonsensical images, but the angel came out looking very good.

It also seems like a lot of the AI ​​designs that come out of the print side of things are often in a similar range, with fun bubbly text and an emphasis on cartoon art.

Ideogram launched this week and is currently on Available to the public By subscribing via Google. Although this is relatively new, it also seems that there is no monetization of AI yet, but this may change very soon.

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