The city’s status reinforces Nakuru’s ownership

Investments along the Nakuru/Gilgil Highway have driven up land prices in the Lake Elementita and Gilgil Nagom areas of the Gilgil constituency. [Ben Ahenda, Standard]With the impending population boom and lack of ample land for development within Nakuru’s central business district, the city is steadily expanding in all directions as more centers emerge.

To the west, it expands towards the commercial center of Salga, to the north towards Bahati and Sobukia, and to the east, it turns rapidly towards Gilgil.

It cannot expand to the south because the thousands of acres of land allotted there are occupied by Lake Nakuru National Park, which is home to thousands of species of wildlife.

These expansions have led to Develop a number Among the investment facilities that affected the significant rise in land prices in the upcoming new centers.

Back in the early 1970s and 1980s, the cost of land was so affordable that a number of early settlers built their homes there.

As the city expands in three directions, the pace at which it is moving towards Gilgil is incredible, which has seen a number of new centers emerge from obscurity into centers of vibrant development.

Some keep popping up while others are still in the making.

But the three centers continue to attract more development projects from private developers.

The latest glamorous upcoming center, which could be tagged as the much-anticipated Nakuru Sarit Centre, is the Kingdom Seekers Center between Lake Elementita and the town of Gilgil, a multi-billion dollar development when completed.

The land around Lake Elementita on a 100′ x 50′ plot that sold for Sh10,000 to Sh50,000 two decades ago has tripled to Sh100,000 to Sh200,000 now. Phinnel Properties Ltd CEO Isaac Kinothia said prices are likely to double in the near future.

Gilgil is the right place to invest current land prices It is likely to double soon. Here the land is still affordable, arable, and suitable for farming.

The Nakuru district government is also making sure that some of these new centers follow strictly laid down rules and decent architectural designs that comply with their building codes.

Good planning has already seen the emergence of new roads, world-class tourist hotels and the construction of new hospitals and private schools roughly around the upcoming new centres.

James Njoroge, a subsistence farmer who has settled on a three-acre plot in the surroundings of Lake Elementita, is a happy father because the land he bought has paid off in retirement.

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