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Robi Samsung smartphone bundle offer

Robi Samsung smartphone bundle offer

Robi is launched Samsung Smartphone bundle offer for all Robi customers. In this offers Robi all user can enjoy up to tk7,000 bundle offer.

Offer 1 (Samsung J1 Ace):

  • On net 800min/month
  • On net total bonus 2400 minutes in 3 months
  • Off net 400min/month
  • Off net total bonus 1200 minutes in 3 months
  • Free 5GB/month internet data
  • Total 15GB data bonus in 3 months

Offer 2 (Samsung J1 Nxt):

  • On net 600min/month
  • On net total bonus 1800 minutes in 3 months
  • Off net 300min/month
  • Off net total bonus 900 minutes in 3 months
  • Free 4GB/month internet data
  • Total 12GB data bonus in 3 months

Offer 3 (Samsung J2):

  • On net 1000min/month
  • On net total bonus 3000 minutes in 3 months
  • Off net 500min/month
  • Off net total bonus 1500 minutes in 3 months
  • Free 6GB/month internet data
  • Total 18GB data bonus in 3 months

Samsung J1 Nxt, J1 Ace and J2 feature and pricing:

Terms and Conditions:
  • After purchasing the handset, customers has to a make a successful voice call from his Robi number tagged with the handset to any valid MSISDN No to register for the bundle eligible verification.
  • All existing and new pre-paid Mass, post-paid and SME (Except PCO, Easy Load) customers are eligible for this offer.
  • We will consider the MSISDN upon 1st tagging during registration.
  • Bonus will be distributed within 60 min from tagging for post-paid.
  • Multiple MSISDN and IMEI tagging will not be considered.
  • Bonus will be distributed within 72 hours from tagging for post-paid.

Offer Conditions:

  • Calling to any CUG number from SME/prepaid connection will be charged as per existing tariff plan.
  • Unused bundle amount minutes and data will not carry forward.
  • Bundle minutes will be applicable only for local calls.
  • After consumption of bundled minutes, package wise regular tariff will be applicable.
  • Upon internet data volume expiry the customer will be charged on PPU at tk.1/1MB.
  • For post-paid 10 second pulse applicable for bundle minutes.
  • Bundle minutes can not be used for IDD calls.
  • Bundle minutes can not be used in a shortcode.
  • Packages wise all other tariff / benefits will remain unchanged.
  • Bundle minutes can’t be transferred through a balance transfer.
  • To check ( Pre-paid/SME) (Robi to Robi) minutes dial *222*2# other operator minutes *222*9# and internet data *8444*88#.
  • All Robi Sheba.
  • Both Robi and Samsung reserve the right to finalize the eligibility.
  • Samsung partner store.

Bonus internet data packs can be used only in newly purchased Samsung J nxt, Samsung Ace, Samsung J2 smartphone

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