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Robi instant cash back at Tk.2 on P2P SMS usage offer

Robi instant cash back at Tk.2 on P2P SMS usage is an offer whereby customers will get instant Tk.2 cash back on each 20 SMS usage. The Message (SMS) count will be local (Robi – Robi & Robi – Other mobile numbers). The customer needs to opt in through dial *866699# & the message (SMS) usage counter can be checked through dial *444*25#. The inverse will be refreshed @ 12:00 am every night. A customer can get maximum Taka 20 on a day. Bonus, the International message (SMS), Bundle & message (SMS) to shortcode will be out of the scope of offer period & therefore usual charge will be eligible & not counted as message usage applicable for cash back offer.

Robi instant cash back at Tk.2 on P2P SMS usage offer

Offer details:

  • Robi customer needs to dial *8666*99# (Free)to opt into this offer.
  • For applicable customers message reply, instant cash back activation is successful. Please, dial *444*25# to know your daily message (SMS) usage.
  • The duration of the offer will be 20 days.
  • One opt in during the offer period.
  • Applicable customers can check their daily usage dial *444*25#
  • Eligible customers will get a generic reply.
  • After dialing opt-in code subscribers will get the flash SMS: your request is being processed.
  • The regular message (SMS) fee of maximum Taka 0.50 (VAT, SD, and SC)/SMS will be eligible.
  • P2P message (SMS) refers to peer to peer message (160 characters) & not a bundle/bonus/the international message/short code based message.
  • Robi customer can gain a maximum of Taka 20 cash back on a day.
  • After sending every 20 SMS (Robi – Robi & Robi – Other mobile numbers), customers will get a bonus of Taka2 which will go to the main account balance. The cash back amount will be same as that of the main account balance.
  • Bundle/VAS/Bonus/Bulk SMS will be out of offer scope.
  • Message usage can be check dial *444*35#
  • The international SMS, bundle, bonus, and SMS shortcode will be not counted as usage & hence cash will not be eligible for these.
  • The message usage counter will be refreshed every night at 12:00 am.
Available dial code for this offer: Following are the commands that will be used in this instant cash back offer.
  • For checking SMS usage dial *444*25#
  • For registration dial code *8666*99#
➤ None of the commands are case sensitive
Charge: (In BDT)
  • Regular SMS cost: Tk. 0.50 (SD, VAT, and SC)/SMS
👉 Offer duration 28 February to 19 March 2017

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