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Robi goongoon 2 songs free with new subscription offer

Offer details:
Robi new user will get 2 free songs download with a new user. Songs will be free for 30 days. After, 30 days content (Songs) will be auto-renewal with base and best price.

Robi goongoon 2 songs free with new subscription offer

How to Robi Goongoon subscribe :

  • Please, USSD dial code *8466*400#

How to Robi Goongoon unsubscribe :

  • SMS type ‘OFF/STOP‘ and send to 8466

Other Feature:

  • This offer will be only valid for a new user only.
  • New Robi Goongoon subscriber will get 2 free songs downloads over all the modes.
  • Robi user to subscribe to this pack.
  • Songs getting downloaded will also be renewed after the free period of 30 days.
  • Regular fall back pricing will be only valid for new users only.

Goongoon subscription charges:

Content Renewal (fallback)

90 days charge Tk. 18.53
60 days charge Tk. 12.18
30 days charge Tk. 6.09
Other packs:

Monthly charge Tk. 36.53
25 days charge Tk. 30.44
20 days charge Tk. 24.35
15 days (Fortnightly) charge Tk. 18.26
10 days charge Tk. 12.18
5 days charge Tk. 6.09
1-day charge Tk. 1.22

Terms and Conditions:
  • Goongoon content fallback will be applicable at renewal.
  • 2 contents download are free of charge for new Goongoon user for 30 days.
  • Content (Songs) renewal after 30 days.
  • All these prices include SD + VAT and SC

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