Pedestrian safety is a top concern for Governor Moore and officials as they walk down Georgia Street

Wes Moore, District Councilwoman Natalie Fanny Gonzalez, Maryland Secretary of Commerce Kevin Anderson, Maryland Secretary of Transportation Paul Videfield, and other Montgomery County officials walked along Georgia Avenue to highlight traffic safety challenges on May 31.

According to Fanny Gonzalez, the community is coming together to ensure change is finally introduced to the region.

With a high number of pedestrian deaths across the region, Georgia Street has become one of the most dangerous roads in the county.

“Too many people have been killed just by crossing the street,” she said. “Everyone who lives here has the right to move around safely.”

According to the Wheaton crash map displayed at the event, detailing the number and location of serious injuries and fatal crashes from 2015 to 2022, there were five pedestrian fatalities and 51 serious injuries, with 28 of the cases involving pedestrians.

Governor Moore said: “We have to make sure that when we say leave no one behind, when we say we want to create communities and create environments where everyone is seen, heard and respected, that means communities like Wheaton. That means communities and areas throughout Montgomery County. This means ensuring that all people have the basic right to movement and access in a safe manner. That’s why we’re here, and that’s why we want people to know that we prioritize this.

The officials met at Regina’s Restaurant at 3 p.m. to begin their march southward on Georgia Street. These officials also met with businesses and toured WMATA properties slated for redevelopment to highlight the economic development potential in downtown Wheaton. Specifically, they toured the site of the planned Wheaton metro redevelopment at 3:30 p.m. At 3:40 p.m., they arrived at the American Legion to enjoy a drink with local businesses and veterans, as constituents shared their concerns, until 4 p.m.

After praising these people for sharing their experiences and concerns, Moore said: “We are here because we know that together we can make this work. Everyone here is committed to doing it right for you.

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