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How to use the function keys on the keyboard

How to use the function keys on the keyboard

F1: It is called help key. We can simply use this button meant for our help with your computer.
F2:  Usually its use while you do the rename any folder or file name. Alt + ctrl + F2 function uses the new opening documents of Microsoft word. While you click Ctrl + F2 you can see the print preview of Microsoft word.
F3: It does create the option program and Shift +F3 while you press it does shifting capital letters of Microsoft word. Also while you write the first letter of word capital after that you can use it.
F4: You can simple way repeat last act performed on Microsoft word. You are able to stop all programs by the Alt + Shift + F4know how to stop all active windows.
F5: Its does the refresh of Microsoft windows, internet Explorer browser and others. It starts the power point’s slide shoe and by its open find, replaces, go to window the Microsoft office.
F6: It has the important option. Function F6 sends the mouse cursor to the Internet Explorer. After you press Ctrl + Shift +F6 next all documents of Microsoft office word are active.
F7: F7 does the adjustment of your writing and grammatical selection. It starts the make browsing of Mozilla Firebox. Shift + F7 while you press it does antonyms, synonyms, feature of words the chosen word of Microsoft. It is called a dictionary.
F8: It workings well and good while you begin the operating system. Normally when you make your windows safe mode after that you can bear down on this key.
F9: It does open the Quark 5 dimension toolbar.
F10: Internet Explorer or every selected open windows menu bar does the select by this F10. Shift + F10 does on top of the any selected writing, link or any photos while you press the right button.
F11: It does the off and on mode when you are Internet browsing your full computer screen.

F12: This key opens the save as window of Microsoft word document. You can save the any documents of Microsoft word by burning Shift + F12. Moreover, you can print your Microsoft word file by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F12.

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