How to Demo Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite on the iPhone 14

Smartphones get new and exciting features every year that claim to improve our lives and enhance our experience. But one thing people may need to pay more attention to about smartphones is how useful they can be in emergencies.

Apple knows how useful they can be, so this year it introduced a new feature alongside the iPhone 14 series called Emergency SOS via satellite. Here, you can learn all about it.

What Is Emergency SOS via Satellite?

Using Satellite SOS on an iPhone 14
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Emergency SOS has been on Apple devices for some time now. The feature lets you quickly contact emergency services with volume and power button presses. If you weren’t aware of such a feature, feel free to check out how to use Emergency SOS—we’ll walk you through the process.

Consider Emergency SOS via satellite as an extension of this feature. In situations where you need to contact emergency services and don’t have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, your iPhone can rely on satellite connectivity to connect you to those services.

Using this new method, you can also share your location from the Find My app. However, Emergency SOS via satellite is available only on the iPhone 14 series for the time being. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why you should buy an iPhone 14.

Where Can You Use Emergency SOS via Satellite?

It’s important to note that Emergency SOS via satellite isn’t available in every country. Emergency SOS via satellite is available in the United States and Canada at the time of writing.

However, Apple does plan to bring this feature to more countries, such as France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK, in December 2022.

When Emergency SOS via Satellite Can Be Useful

Emergency SOS via Satellite on Apple's website

Emergency SOS via satellite is useful when an emergency occurs during a potentially dangerous outdoor activity while away from cell towers. In addition to contacting emergency services, you can share your location with contacts through the satellite connection, so they know where you are if you are in a dead zone.

When you participate in these outdoor activities, you can have reassurance with this feature.

How to Demo Emergency SOS via Satellite

To demo Emergency SOS via satellite, you must install iOS 16.1 or later on your iPhone 14 or 14 Pro. Thankfully, when you demo the feature, it won’t send a real message to emergency services.

Therefore, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with it so you know how to use it if you find yourself in a life-threatening situation. To demo Emergency SOS via satellite:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap Emergency SOS.
  3. Tap Try Demo under Emergency SOS via satellite.

Next, the screen will display a page explaining the satellite connection. You can press Next to continue. The demo will now tell you that you must answer specific questions during an emergency. These questions will make it easier for emergency services to understand your situation.

After clicking Next again, the demo explains that you need to be outside to test the satellite connection and that your cellular data will turn off during the demo. When you’re ready to start the demo, tap Test Satellite Connection, then press Turn Off.

The demo will tell you that it’s finding your location and will remind you that it needs a clear view of the sky to connect to the satellite. Even trees or buildings can interfere with the connection, so ensure you are in a clear area. Your phone will then start to look for a signal, and you will have to move your phone either left or right to connect with the satellite.

Once the connection is established, your iPhone sends an emergency example message. You can continue to respond to the emergency example questions in the conversation, and once the demo ends, you can exit or start over.

Try Out Apple’s Newest Safety Feature

Now that you have completed the Emergency SOS via satellite demo, you will know how to use it in an emergency. It’s a great addition to the many safety features Apple products offer.

We’ll have to wait and see if Apple’s competition will support something similar to Emergency SOS via satellite.

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